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Written by Lisa McMann

Review by Hans

    In the dreary
town of Quill, every year, there is a holiday called the Purge. That holiday is when people are either Wanteds, Necessaries, or Unwanteds. The

Unwanteds are kids with imagination, though the ruler wishes for Quill to be perfect. The Unwanteds go to a lake called The Lake of Boiling Oil, into which the executioners throw the kids. Twins named, Aaron and Alex, stand in the group of all the thirteen year olds. The leader of Quill, Priest Justine, declares Aaron to be a Wanted and Alex as an Unwanted. When Alex is about to die, he gets transported to a different world entirely. Read this book with all the action and surprise, as Alex figures out where he is, and how he is going to save his brother.

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